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Who am I?

Hey you. My name is Jan (in German that's a very manly name) and I'm the guy responsible for all the content on the Terrarium Blog. On this "About Me" page I want to tell you a bit about me so you know who is talking to you through all these white pages of text the entire time.

Jan von Terrarium Blog
This is me!

What do I do?

Wie bereits erwähnt, ist mein Name Jan. Ich bin 22 Jahre alt und trage seit dem 01.09.2021 einen Bachelortitel (fancy). Und nein, ich habe tatsächlich weder Botanik noch Biologie studiert, sondern Elektrotechnik. Genau genommen habe ich im Rahmen eines dualen Studiums den Ausbildungsberuf des Elektronikers für Betriebstechnik gelernt und gleichzeitig das Studium Elektrotechnik im Praxisverbund an einer Hochschule gemacht. Besonders interessiert habe ich mich während des Studiums eher für Themen der Informatik. Mein absoluter Lieblingskurs war Drahtlose Sensortechnik. Die Kurse Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen sowie Echtzeitdatenverarbeitung gefielen mir auch sehr gut. Anschließend an meinen Bachelor möchte ich dieses Jahr auch den Master in Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik anfangen und mich weiter auf Drahtlose Sensoren spezialisieren.  

What does all of that have to do with plants?

What's driving me to write a blog about terrariums and plants? I've found them to be interesting for a while now although they're such a big contrast to my career choice. In a way, I see them as a window leading to parallel worlds waiting to be escaped into. For some time I thought about changing into studying biology, but I'm not too keen on dissecting animals. So they'll just stay as a hobby for now. :) 

And what's the blog for?

That doesn't mean I'm just telling you superficial knowledge here! The internet is filled with interesting ressources about plants and closed terrariums. I first started this blog in German only and couldn't find any comprehensive information bundling it all up. Since I had quite a few questions I decided to learn as much as I could and sum it all up in this blog. And since you're here too, you also seem to want to find out more. Let it be through intense research or experimentation; this blog is going to be the ultimate ressource about closed terrariums!  

I already mentioned this in some posts. I built my first closed terrarium in a candy jar in December 2020. I was very surprised that it was an immediate success! It started out consisting of a small strawberry plant, moos, an acorn and some weeds. A few months later the acorn sprouted into a small sapling. Now it's being repressed by the wildy sprouting strawberries. The entire ground is covered in moss. I'm very curious about the strawberry's further development since it is a seasonal plant. I'll keep you posted!

Show me your terrariums!

By the way, I also run the Instagram account @terrarium.blog. If you have nice pictures of homemade terrariums, I'll be happy to share them with the world and link your profile. Just send them to me there or by email to jan@terrarium.blog.

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Jan Willenbrock
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