Guides for building terrariums and caring for plants.

A glass terrarium with succulents and cacti in a desert theme on a wooden bench.

Outdoor Terrarium: How to build and maintain one

If you want to beautify your garden or balcony, an outdoor terrarium is the right thing for you! It is not only decorative, but also sustainable and easy to maintain. In this article you will learn how to design, maintain and protect an outdoor terrarium.

A desert terrarium with succulents and cacti in a home

How to make a closed desert terrarium

You want to have something exotic and unusual in your home? Then a desert terrarium in a jar is just the thing for you! In this article you will learn how to make your own desert terrarium in a glass and enjoy your little ecosystem.

Grow peppermint at home instructions

How to Grow Peppermint at Home

Peppermint contains a lot of the essential oil menthol, making it popular for teas, soups, or just raw for chewing. Here's how to grow it in your garden.

Grow basil at home

How to grow basil at home

Basil is very easy to grow yourself at home and can give you an endless supply of herbs. Here you can learn how easy it is.

Closed terrarium hanging from a rope

The Ultimate Guide to a Closed Terrarium

The ultimate guide for building your closed terrarium at home. Everything from choosing the materials, the construction process and final tips. You'll find everything in this article.