5 gardening themed Christmas gifts

The Christmas season is approaching and the search for gifts begins. A closed terrarium is only one example for a great gift for the cold winter months. Regardless of the temperature outside, it will be green and look beautiful. If you have a partner, friends or family members who are quite fond of plants, you could surprise them this year with a closed terrarium that will still look beautiful and bring joy years later. In addition to closed terrariums, you'll find several ideas for the holiday season in this list.

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1. Seed Advent calendar as an early gift

Ezoon seed advent calendar christmas present gift
The seed advent calendar from Ezoon. Source: Ezoon store at Amazon.com

Do you know someone who grows vegetables and herbs in the kitchen, on the balcony or in the garden? If so, the Seeds Advent Calendar by Ezoon is a great gift idea for the holiday season! It includes not only 24 different bags of seeds, but also a 12 feet long line and clothespins to hang the bags beautifully decorative on the wall.

Here is the link to the Amazon page of the Seeds Advent Calendar by Ezoon

2. A Christmas tree to grow yourself

Living Christmas Tree Seed Grow Kit by Jonsteen Company Christmas Gift
The Living Christmas Tree Seed Grow Kit. Source: The Jonsteen Company Store on Amazon.com

Instead of the big Christmas tree from the forest or the market, this year you could also put your presents under a very small tree that you have grown yourself (or someone you have given it to). With the Living Christmas Tree Seed Grow Kit, it's easy to do. The Jonsteen Company supplies you with a reusable seed pot, a mini greenhouse and multiple seeds, so you have several attempts to grow a great Christmas tree. Your Christmas tree could still be a place where your family lays their gifts many years from now.

3. Complete set for a closed terrarium - the gift for hobbyists

The best Christmas gifts are those that bring people together. Complete sets for closed terrariums are great for that. They offer the opportunity to spend an afternoon crafting and then admire your living work of art for years to come.

3.1 Growing Concepts Ecosystem

Growing Concepts Ökosystem zum Selbermachen ewiges Terrarium Flaschengarten kaufen
The Growing Concepts DIY Ecosystem. Source: Growing Concepts Be Different on Amazon.de

Disclaimer: This article might not be available for shipping to the US. A great example of this is the Growing Concepts Ecosystem. The scope of delivery includes the glass shown above, a pre-made substrate mix and of course a selection of plants. Assembly is quick and easy, so even children can assemble it on their own under adult supervision. In addition to the supplied plants, you can of course also add your own selected plants, so there are no limits to creativity here.

You can find a full review of the Growing Concepts Ecosystem here. Here is the link to the Amazon page.

3.2 Ecoworld Jungle/Tropical Biosphäre

Ecoworld Tropical Biosphere closed terrarium bottle garden buy
The Ecoworld Tropical Biosphere. Source: Ecoworld Store on Amazon.de

Ecoworld offers other complete sets for a closed terrarium. These are the Ecoworld Jungle Biosphere and the Ecoworld Tropical Biosphere. The two complete sets are especially interesting because of their plant selection. Ecoworld supplies you with tropical plants that you will not find in your environment. This makes your closed terrarium an even better eye-catcher! In addition, the cork lid is illuminated and can be turned on and off with a switch. Here you will find a full Rezension zur Ecoworld Jungle Biosphere. If you want to buy it immediately, you can find it here on Amazon.

4. Gardening tool set in a practical bag

7 Piece WORKPRO Garden Tools Set Gift idea for Christmas
The WORKPRO Garden Tools Set with 7 Pieces. Source: WORKPRO Store on Amazon.com

After winter, spring is approaching and what better way to spruce up the garden than with an 7 Piece Garden Tools Set? WORKPRO's garden tool set is the ideal starter kit for anyone who wants to get started this spring but doesn't yet own every tool. In the cute and practical bag (available in green or pink), it makes a wonderful gift. The set includes:

  • Flower trowel
  • Flower rake
  • Flower fork
  • Weed trimmer
  • Planter trowel
  • Garden scissors
  • Garden gloves
  • The bag

All tools are made of rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel and have a handy loop for hanging them on a wall. Here is the Amazon page of the 7 Piece Garden Tools Set

5. Decorative vase

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase Christmas Present Gift Idea
Umbrs Trigg Hanging Planter Vase. Source: Umbra Store on Amazon.com

A simple but versatile gift is a decorative vase for the wall. Especially nice for hanging plants or vines is the Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase. This vase is a great gift for friends or family who are starting to run out of space for plants in their home. Why not switch to the walls? A hanging plant is more beautiful to look at than a lot of paintings. The Trigg Vase from Umbra is available in both a small and a large version and also as a table vase, if you prefer not to hang your plant on the wall. It is definitely worth a look!

You can buy the Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase on Amazon.

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