5 nice jars for a closed terrarium

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A closed terrarium can only be as beautiful as the glass it is in. But which glass should you use? What kind are there and what do you have to look out for? Today we take a look at 5 beautiful glasses for a closed terrarium, so you can gather some inspiration.

The following 5 containers are in no particular order and all good for a closed terrarium. Ultimately, of course, the choice here is just a matter of taste. In principle, you can build a beautiful closed terrarium with any container.

If you already have a jar and want to make it airtight, read this article here.

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The classic jar

Veroline jar/preserving jar with rubber and wire clip closure
A canning jar from the company Veroline. Source: Veroline on Amazon.de

The classic canning jar is wonderful for a closed terrarium. Here you can see the model of the company Veroline. You can buy it here. It is wide enough for many different decorations and easy to see through from all sides. An advantage of typical canning jars is the swing top and sealing ring, which provide a completely airtight seal.

For example, your closed terrarium might look like the one in this pin below.

An actual bottle garden

Often instead of closed terrarium many people say bottle garden. I abstain from using this term most of the time, if the terrarium is not actually inside a bottle. Let's now take a look at such a bottle.

hocz set of 6 hanger bottle garden closed terrarium jar container glass
Bottles from the company hocz. Source: hocz at Amazon.de

These bottles of the brand hocz are particularly suitable, because they also have a swing stopper and a sealing ring. You can buy them here. While they are a bit narrower than a canning jar, they make all the better for taller plants that don't grow quite as wide.

Here's a related article for further reading: How to make a tropical rainforest terrarium in a bottle.

Alternatively, you can use slightly wider bottles with shorter necks as glass for your closed terrarium. In the following variant, the cork is important to note. I talk about this further down for container number 4.

COM-FOUR glass bottles with corks closed terrarium bottle garden
The glass bottles with corks from COM-FOUR are beautifully transparent. Source: COM-FOUR at Amazon.de

In the collection of ideas about closed terrariums with orchids we have already looked at such similar bottles. It could then look like this, for example.

Glass cylinder

Cylinder glass closed terrarium bottle garden
In my cylindrical jar, I have only filled in the false bottom so far.

Such glass cylinders are mostly used as containers for spices or similar. The company KKC offers such a container online as a coffee tin. You can buy the jar here. The view here is even better than with the preserving jar. Only from above you can not look inside as well. This also makes the lighting a little difficult.

You should make sure that these containers also come with a sealing ring. The container I linked to has one. Without a sealing ring, water will escape from your closed terrarium in the long run, causing it to dry out. You can learn how to tell if you have enough water or maybe even too much in your closed terrarium in this article.

A closed terrarium hanging from the ceiling

Dekovita storage glass jar cork closed terrarium glass bottle garden
The storage jar from Dekovita comes with a fancy cord. Source: Dekovita at Amazon.de

This beautiful container from Dekovita you can buy here. The jar has a nice looking cord that you can hang your closed terrarium from. This allows you to decorate your home even more versatile than if you just put the terrarium on the windowsill.

Important here is the cork lid. Corks are relatively tight, but not necessarily always 100%. However, you can get around this quite easily with cling film, for example. You can stretch it tightly over the opening and then press the cork into it. You can then cut off any protruding residue with a carpet knife, for example. You can read more about this in the article on how to air-tightly seal any closed terrarium.

In a candy jar

Those who have been here on the Terrarium Blog more often may already know my very first closed terrarium in a candy jar. Candy jars offer good visibility from almost all sides and can be placed in two different orientations. The lids are usually already completely tight without you having to worry about it. You can buy a candy jar for your bottle garden here.

This is what the glass for my first eternal terrarium looked like when I made it in December 2020. Since then a lot has happened and it is very overgrown. You can see the state of September 2021 here.


A closed terrarium or bottle garden can be built in a wide variety of jars. Depending on the type of plant, wider jars or narrow bottles are suitable for this purpose. Also popular are canning jars and candy jars, which are tight by themselves and provide a wide viewing angle. Especially interesting can be jars that can be attached to the ceiling with a cord. It is always important that a container is tight. If it is not, water will evaporate in it over a long time and the terrarium will dry out. Most jars already solve this with sealing rings. If you don't have one, you can also help yourself with cling film.

If all this is too much thinking for you, you can also consider buying a closed terrarium ready-made. You can read more about it here.

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