Orientation on the Terrarium Blog

You've just arrived on the Terrarium Blog and don't know where exactly to start? Then you've landed in the right place!

In this reading guide, I give you a sequence of posts to read through to get an understanding of closed terrariums. If you want to build a closed terrarium right away and don't care too much about how it works, read the ultimate guide here.

The 10 most frequently asked questions


To gather information first, I recommend these three articles.


If you need more detailed information for a closed terrarium, you can first check out these articles here.


Maybe you are already an expert in the field of closed terrariums and just need some inspiration. The Terrarium Blog will be happy to help you with that, too!


Of course, the Terrarium Blog also has simply trivial knowledge about various things around the topic of closed terrariums! Maybe you will find something here.