Review: MILYN LED Plant Lamp E27

Today we'll look at the MYLIN LED plant lamp with E27 socket. These lamps, specially designed for plant growth, are not entire plant lamps, but practical bulbs that fit into most sockets at home. They can be easily replaced, making them wonderful for selfmade terrarium lamps.

Features of the MILYN LED Plant Lamp

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MILYN LED plant lamp lighting terrarium closed terrarium
The MILYN LED plant lamp. Source: MILYN on

MILYN plant lamp LED comes in a double pack and has a conventional E27 socket. Thus, it can be screwed into most sockets at home. In the product name it is advertised with 30 watts of power. Here it is important to note that this is not the electrical power. The lamp actually only needs 7 watts of power, but is thus as bright as a conventional incandescent bulb at 30 watts. However, this specification confuses customers a bit. It makes more sense to use the lumen specification for LEDs, which provides information about the brightness. Conventional LEDs for the home usually have between 300 and 500 lumens. This plant lamp offers a full 1000 lumens.

Since plant lamps are designed to be on for several hours or even days, the MYLIN LED plant lamp is equipped with a heat sink. This consists of aluminum fins. However, according to the manufacturer, the lamp should not be left on for more than 12 hours at a time.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a version with an E14 socket. However, anyone who wants to screw this bulb into an E14 socket can use an E27-to-E14-adapter. From an electrical point of view, this is completely safe.

Full sunlight spectrum

The manufacturers of the lamp advertise that it has a full spectrum of sunlight. However, this is not entirely true. It does have a continuous light spectrum (i.e. without gaps) in the visible wavelength range, but not all wavelengths are equally represented, as is the case with sunlight. This is not a bad thing, as other plant lamps have similar characteristics. However, the indication about a full sunlight spectrum may mislead the customer here as well. Translated with (free version)

MILYN LED plant lamp spectrum closed terrarium
The light spectrum of the MILYN LED plant lamp. Source: MILYN on

The spectrum of the MILYN LED plant lamp is approximately the same as the CXHome LED plant lamp LM301B. It thus offers a good alternative, as it is much easier to replace than the CXHome model.

You can buy the MILYN LED Plant Lamp on Amazon.

MILYN LED Plant Lamp Reviews

At the time of this review, the plant lamp has a total of 176 global reviews from around the world, which together give it an average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Over 68% of these are 5-star reviews. Only 5% of the reviews award only one star. So, in general, the lamp has a very good overall score.

Positive reviews

One user gives the lamp five stars and actually uses it not for plants, but for his chickens. On the positive side, the user notes that the lamp's LEDs do not flicker a bit, making the light pleasant to look at.

Another user is pleased with the warm white light of the lamp. Although, as described above, this is not a sunlight-like spectrum, it is also not the typical purple light of most other plant lamps. Thus, the lamp should also be pleasant in the living room.

Several users also speak to the fact that the lamps are nice and bright and illuminate the plants under them wonderfully even at a distance of one meter (3 ft).

Negative reviews

The negative reviews about the MILYN LED plant lamp are actually rather limited. For example, some users describe that only one of the two included lamps worked. This is a bit annoying, but not a major problem due to the 60-day return policy.

Personally, I also see the biggest problem not with the product itself, but with the marketing. The information about the sunlight spectrum and the alleged power of 30 watts is not easy to understand for inexperienced people and can lead to false expectations.


The warm white MILYN LED plant lamp with E27 socket is a good alternative to fixed plant lamps. It can be easily screwed into the conventional E27 sockets that everyone has at home. This makes it optimal for people who like to DIY their own plant lamps. Unfortunately, it is not available with an E14 socket, but this can be quickly solved with a simple adapter. It has a luminous flux of 1000 lumens and converts an electrical power of 7 watts. Thus, it consumes no more energy than a conventional LED.

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